Open System Testing Architecture


HTTP/S Testing, Getting Started Guide


OpenSTA is a distributed testing architecture that enables you to create and run performance Tests to evaluate Web Application Environments (WAEs) and production systems. It can be employed at all stages of WAE development as well as being used to continuously monitor system performance once a WAE goes live.

Use it to develop load Tests that include an HTTP/S load element, known as Scripts, to help assess the performance of WAEs during development, and to create Collector-only Tests that monitor and record performance data from live WAEs within a production environment.

OpenSTA enables you to run Tests against the same target system within both load testing and production monitoring scenarios. This means that you can directly compare the performance of the target system within these two environments.

This guide is intended to give new users a practical introduction to OpenSTA by explaining how to create and run a simple HTTP/S load Test targeting the demonstration Web site, Which US President?. It is structured according to the procedural sequence for developing an HTTP/S load Test, from Script and Collector creation through to running a Test and results display.

The key features and procedures you need to use are included in the Contents list below. Begin with the OpenSTA Overview section and work your way through the guide.

Before you start refer to the checklist below to ensure that your computer is correctly configured.




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