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Demo Web Application used in the GSG

Unfortunately due to occasional over-use of this service we can no longer afford to provide a live version of the demonstration Web site.

If someone (or more than one person) would like to volunteer another live version then we are more than willing to provide DNS redirects and links here.

Send mail to: to volunteer.

Or simply post to the User List to announce your servers availability

Web Applications
Why provide demonstrations?

Early on while working with OpenSTA we realised that to be able to provide any sort of examples or tutorials we needed a common Web application to provide the examples against. Knowing that users would get much more from running tests against local machines we decided to write a very trivial example application ourself. Hopefully you'll find these easy to install and they'll help you to learn and experiment with OpenSTA.

Which US President?

This Web application provides a very simple search engine which has a login page and uses cookies to perform session tracking and timout (albeit in a very contrived fashion). This application is used throughout the OpenSTA Getting Started Guide and the contrived way it uses cookies was initially to illustrate a point in this document. The GSG is a bit out of date now and the last editor seems to have left some parts of the their updates incomplete... the next version will probably use an updated version of this application.

The application consists of 2 files, a perl CGI style script and a plain text database. To install simply put the perl file somewhere your Web server will treat it as a CGI executable. By default the perl script looks for its database in the same directory as itself but if you want to put this elsewhere just edit the script. These 2 files in a zip archive can be downloaded:

As we've been asked this so many times - the easiest way to get this script running in IIS is using ActiveState's ActivePerl installation. This is in fact why the perl script has the filename extension it has... The next version of this application will also be available as ASP and PHP to make installation even easier in a variety of environments. We already have working versions of these they, just need checking and packaging.

The application is very simple and its use should be self explanatory. The only start up information you should need is that the login password is checked to be the reverse of the entered username - this was done this way to allow an unlimited amount of users to be simulated without having a real user database.

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