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User Guide

Prd. Monitoring

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A Warning!
Out of date documentation

Most of the documentation listed below is older than that installed with the product in the form of Microsoft HTMLHelp documents. The advice is to first check the Help installed with the product - accessible from the Help menu of the Modeler and the Commander. Use the documents here only if you really need the text in HTML format. The exception to this rule is the SCL Reference which is now more up to date than the product help.

If you are here looking for PDF documentation then you will unfortunately be disappointed. The current documentation was provided by CYRANO SA specifically licensed so that only they could provide fixed nicely formatted versions. Hardcopy and PDF versions of these manuals were made available, before the dissolution of CYRANO SA, but are no longer current. If you still wish to get copies of these then please ask on the Users List, as there are still some floating around.

We're working towards getting both of these issues resolved by completely rewriting the documentation in DocBook XML.

User Guide
OpenSTA General UG

This document is entitled HTTP/S Load User's Guide. It was named this way because it was intended to document the parts of OpenSTA that are used for producing load tests of HTTP and HTTPS servers. There are chapters on all aspects of OpenSTA relevent to this, from recording your scripts and modeling, then through test runs and finishing with some analysis of the results.

This document, in its most up to date form, is available from the OpenSTA Commander and Modeler Utilities under the Help>Contents menu items.

The Online HTML version of the User Gude is a little out of date but available here anyway.

Prd. Monitoring Guide

This document covers the parts of OpenSTA that allow you to monitor and collect statistics about your whole system performance using NT Performance Monitor and SNMP facilities. These topics are also covered in the UG but from a slightly different perspective.

The Online HTML version of the Production Monitoring Guide is available here.

SCL Reference
Script Control Language

This document is a reference of the structure, syntax, commands and features of the version of the SCL language produced by HTTP recording and used for HTTP playback within OpenSTA.

The Online HTML version of the SCL Reference is available here.

An older French Translation of this document was donated. It's only available here online.

Getting Started Guide

A short tutorial taking the user through the basics of using OpenSTA for load testing a simple dynamic Web application. Unfortunately, not really up to date with the current version of the toolset, screenshots don't match, some instructions are incorrect, add to this that the section on modeling mysteriously ends mid instructions... may still be of some use for beginners though. This guide uses a simple Web application that we wrote specifically for use in this introduction to OpenSTA, you can find details about this on the Demosite page.

The Online HTML version of the Getting Started Guide is available here.

Community FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a live document of contributed information covering all aspects of OpenSTA's use. The document is stored in a Wiki that anyone with a, freely available, Community Portal user account can edit. Users are encouraged to contribute questions, answers, hints, tips and comments with the purpose of helping other users and strengthening the OpenSTA community.

The FAQ is only accessible at, as it is constantly changing you should bookmark this and check back often.

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