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Instead follow these instructions in the FAQ.
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Please only use regarding spelling and grammer mistakes, bad links, etc. on this Web site.

Need Help?
OpenSTA Support

If you are having issues learning or using OpenSTA at any level then the best suggestion we can give you is to thoroughly read the FAQ and if you still can't find the answer there then send email to the Users Mailing List. Contacting any specific developer or project member directly is generally discouraged, we are all on the mailing lists and contribute as much as we have time to. Get to know us, and let us get to know you on these lists before sending us any personal mail, Thanks.

If you are really desperate for help and are willing to spend some money, then here's a shortcut to the FAQ entry about purchasing support.

Spending Money

There is nothing for sale here! Although if you are desperate to give money to help out the project, then we are in the process of working out a good way to be able to donate money in a way that can measurably help everyone involved. Please stay tuned to the Users Mailing List in the coming months for more information.

There are companies out there who can sell you OpenSTA related products and services, we encourage these companies to edit these FAQ entries to help OpenSTA users find their offerings. Please check out this FAQ item and if you unsure about spending money on OpenSTA related items with anyone then please ask on the Users Mailing List for advice and recommendations.

If you want to sell us something, have a business proposition for us, want to become a partner, etc. etc. Then I can assure you that whatever it is, we are probably not interested. If you really want to help out then check out this FAQ entry.

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